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2020/2021 Brenton Wright Scholarship

2020/2021 Brenton Wright Scholarship

In 2020/21 the Brenton Wright Scholarship supported Andrew Reilly to research and prepare a report to address the following questions:

  1. What sorts of social investments/financing mechanisms (other than social impact bonds) have been used successfully in other jurisdictions that might be relevant in a South Australian context?

  2. In other jurisdictions where social impact investments have been used to trial new early intervention programs, what impact has this had in terms of (1) reform to mainstream services, (2) level of capability in both governments and service providers to implement greater use of outcomes measures in contract administration?

You can read the report here:

Download PDF • 1.05MB

or download the slides from the report launch:

Download PDF • 511KB

If you would like to contact the author, please connect via LinkedIn.

Our thanks to the Department of Treasury and Finance (Government of South Australia), the Broadley Trust, The Wyatt Trust and The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise at the University of South Australia for their contributions.

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